Facebook Paragraph

Write a Paragraph on Facebook.

  • (a) What is facebook?
  • (b) How does it contribute to maintain relationship among people?
  • (c) What things are needed to use facebook?
  • (d) What are its functions and utilities?
  • (e) What are its disadvantages?
Facebook Paragraph
Facebook Paragraph

Paragraph on Facebook

Facebook is an internet-based social network connecting to people worldwide and everybody having internet connection may have access to it. Facebook nowadays contributes much to maintain social and friendly relationship between people living far and near.

Any person wishes to be a facebook member needs first to have an internet connection and then to sign up with personal details and secret passwords to ensure privacy and security. Any person can search their friends as well as near and dear ones on-line and can send invitation.

If the invitation is once accepted they become friends in terms of facebook and can share everything of each other stored in their facebook. Facebook allows us to make numerous albums and upload photos and documents and make friendship with a lot of people. Any facebook member can write comments on their status, on other member’s status and photos etc.

Facebook provides on-line chatting as well. With the help of facebook we can easily find out our long lost friends as well as near and dear ones who are already facebook members. It can be used to raise awareness and share news among the members.

However, facebook has some disadvantages as well. Crooked people may upload obscene and objectionable photos and comments. Besides these negative aspects, facebook has brought a great change in modern civilization.

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