Friendship Paragraph

Write a Paragraph on Friendship.

Friendship Paragraph
Friendship Paragraph

Paragraph on Friendship

Friendship means mutual understanding between two intimate persons. Man is a social being. He can not live alone. He wants a companion. He can not do a single day without the help of others.

He needs others’ help. He depends on others. This dependence. results in friendship. Friendship is a great social virtue. It is a great blessing in life. A true friend is better than wealth and reputation.

A true friend stands by his friend in weal and woe. He does not play false with his friend. He does not leave him when he is in danger. But nowadays true friendship is very rare in this world.

Most of the friends are summer birds. They come to us in our good days and leave us in our distress.However, it is not easy to make friendship and keep it.

To maintain friendship it requires faith,honesty, sacrifice and good understanding. Friendship exercises a great influence on character.

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