Internet Paragraph

Write a Paragraph on Internet.

  • (a) What is Internet?
  • (b) What does it require to get an internet connection?
  • (c)How many types of internet are there?
  • (d) How can one get internet connection?
  • (e) What is the usefulness of internet?
Internet Paragraph
Internet Paragraph

Paragraph on Internet

Internet is the latest discovery of science and the greatest advancement
in the field of communication. It is the computerised process with telephone set.To get internet connection it requires a modern telephone line and a different sort of software for using the network system.

Like telephone number Internet is by its own number. There are two types of internet. They maintained are on-line Internet and off-line intertet. One can get internet connection from three networking systems.

They are LAN (Local Area Network), MAN(Metropolitan Area Network) and WAN(World Wide Area Network) Now -a -days an Internet is of great use to us. It has made the world smaller and brought the world within our reach.

We can get information on every matter within a very short time.It has widened our knowledge and made us more thirsty for the unknown. It is a miracle. It works like Aladin’s magic lamp.

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