Life in a Village Paragraph

Life in a Village Paragraph: Life in a village is friendly, simple and easy. People in the villages can have more scope for natural pastime which cannot be expected in the city life. The people of the rich and middle class seem to be happy in the village.

Life in a Village Paragraph
Life in a Village Paragraph

But the poor people Often lead miserable life. Life in a village is almost calm and quiet except some unwanted incidents created by evil minded people. Most of the village people are easy going and co-operative. One comes to other’s necessity. People in villages keep themselves busy with works.

Men look after the work outside and women perform their domestic work. Fresh vegetables, fish, fruits, etc. are available and cheap in the village. Though most of the people in the village lead a very simple life they are not to be away from enjoying different cultural programs like jatra, jar, sari, kirtan and many other items of entertainment.

Generally, the celebrations are quite plain and simple. But the aged of them do not attend the functions. They are happy with their house and harvest. The village people lead the life of plain living and high thinking.

They think high. because they think in the terms of God and religion. The village mosque maintains their social and moral upkeep. Most of the village people get up from early in the morning and perform their work before the sun sets.

Village life is tranquil and enjoyable despite few problems. Many people prefer village life only for its healthier environment.

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