My Favourite Relative Paragraph

My Favourite Relative Paragraph

  • (a) Who is he/she?
  • (b) What do you call him/her?
  • (c) Why is he/she so favourite to you?
  • (d) How do you feel when you see him/her?
  • (e) How does he/she inspire you?

My Favourite Relative

My Favourite Relative Paragraph
My Favourite Relative Paragraph

Relatives are those who are blood -connected. Relatives are ,such a social being,as do always good for us. There is hardly a person who has no relative. Moreover, a good relative is a blessing of Allah. I have a good relative who is very favourite to me.

He is my uncle -my maternal uncle. He is Mr.Rahim. I call him ‘Mama’. He has a number of qualities. He is a friend, a guide and a guardian to me. He is always with me in my distress. Whenever I fall ill, he comes to my house without any delay. He does many things for me and nurses me. He visits me very often. He looks after my studies also.

He always thinks of my life. Though he has many relatives, he loves me most. He is a peace-loving man. Though he loves me very much, he never allow┬ž me to do anything indecent. He shares the joys and sufferings. When I see him, I feel that I am with my father now.

He deals with erne just like a father. So my mind is filled with joy and pleasure. He wants that I should become a doctor. He wants me to serve the poor people. He gives me many examples of famous persons like Begum Rokeya, Sufia Kamal, Hazrat Mohammad (Sm) and so on. In many’ways he inspires me to be great in my life.

I like him very much for his strong personality, honesty, sincerity, devotion to Allah, and social works. I am proud of him. I am very happy to have such a relative in my life.

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