My First Day At College Paragraph

My First Day At College Paragraph

  • (a) Do you remember the first day at your college?
  • (b) How did you feel when you e entered the college campus on that day?
  • (c) What classes did you attend?
  • (d) Did you notice any differences between your school and your college?
  • (e) What things did you like about the college most?

My First Day At College

My First Day At College Paragraph
My First Day At College Paragraph

All the -days of our life are not equally important and memorable. Only a few of these days occupy a corner in our heart. My first day at college is such a day. I shall never forget this day.

It was the 26th of October 1995. My joys knew no bounds. I put on my new dress and started for Govt. B.L. College at 9 A.M. I was charmed to see the attractive and beautiful college building. I understood that the college life opened ‘before me a new vision of life and 1 must go forward. The whole college campus was crowded by lots of young pupils both male and female. They were all unknown to me. I felt very lonely. I was moving here and there. I Was in a fix where to. go.

At last -I met one of my school friends. I was relieved. We exchanged greetings. When the bell for the first period rang, we entered the room number 223. I found many students sitting. After a while, a well dressed, handsome gentleman entered the class.

He was a professor of English. All the students stood up to show him respect. He called over the rolls. He spoke to us very softly in simple and clear English. I liked his speech very much. His speech was meaningful. I listened to him with undivided attention. Classes on Bengali and History and Economics were held. All the teachers are highly qualified. They were very polite and friend737.

There are a lot of differences between my school and college. There was arrangement f games and sports and other co-curricular activities in our college which I did not get in the school. Moreover, the library in our college was a vast one. I liked almost everything of our college especially the college hostel, library, and playground.

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