My Native Village Paragraph

The name of my village is Deara. It is a big and famous village. It is about two miles long and one mile wide.

My Native Village Paragraph
My Native Village Paragraph

It is in the district of Khulna under Koyr. a Thana. It is not far from the thana. The village has a well net of communication with the district also.

About ten thousand people live in the village.They are mostly muslims. They are very simple and honest. They want to live in peace and harmony They help each other. They share others’ sorrows and sufferings. The main occupation of the village is agriculture.

There are also people of other occupations. There are a boys’ high school, girls’ high school, a primary school, three mosques and a madrasha. Village boys and girls receive education in these schools. Boys and girls from other villages come to receive education.

There is also a post office and a bank. There is also a market place in the village. The daily market sits every day and the hat sits twice a week. People buy their daily necessaries (from the market. The communication of the village is very easy. A wide good road runs through the village to the.Thana. People can go to the . Thana by vans, rickshaws etc. A good road runs from our village to the nearest steamer station. The village is neat and clean. There is a small health center.

Villagers get medical care here. There is an M.B.B.S. There are also some quacks ( The natural scenery of my village is worth mentioning Rows of coconut trees, betel nut trees, clumps of bamboos) and the fields with green crops increase the beauty of the village.My village is an ideal village. I love my village. I am proud of it.

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