College Campus Paragraph

Our College Campus Paragraph for JSC, SSC & HSC

February 20, 2020 sstudy

Write a Paragraph on Our College Campus. What is the area of your college? Where is it situated? Where are different buildings, Shaheed Minar, hostels situated? What are the other things present in college? College Campus Paragraph My college is Read more…

College Library Paragraph

Our College Library Paragraph for JSC, SSC, HSC


Write a Paragraph on our college Library. The Questions about College Library can be- What is the college library? Who managers a college library? Which types of books can be found on a college library? How to borrow books from Read more…

College Common Room paragraph

Our College Common Room Paragraph for JSC, SSC, HSC


Write a Paragraph on about Our College Common Room. Why is a common room important for a college? How is your college common room? How is the room furnished? What kinds of facilities does the common room provide the students? Read more…

Our National Flag Paragraph

Our National Flag Paragraph

December 17, 2019 sstudy

Write a paragraph on Our National Flag (a) What does it symbolize? (b) Where is it hoisted? When is the national flag kept half-mast? (c)Which memory does the blood-red color bear? (d) How do you feel for your national flag? Read more…

JSC Exam Result

JSC Exam Result 2019 –

November 25, 2019 sstudy

The full meaning of JSC is the Junior School Certificate. The exam started in 2010 as a public examination. This year the JSC exam was started on the first November and finished on 15 November. Already people are getting worried Read more…

The Honesty of the Young Man

The Honesty of the Young Man Story

November 18, 2019 sstudy

Completing story about the honesty of a young man: Rahim was going to Raishalii from Dhaka by the Padilla Express. On the way the train started at Gallargaon first and then at Mymensing, and Jagannathgonj. He had to leave the Read more…